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UPDATE 01/21/2019 - v1.7

- Fixed loud zombies noise.

- Added footsteps for the zombies

-Texture Fixes

-Audio system improvementt


The Last of Humans: Awakening is the beginning of a stealth survival horror Zombie adventure horror game series with suspense atmosphere. 

You wake up inside an old hospital building without understanding the surroundings. Explore the environment to find out what is going on and solve puzzles to be able to escape the place.

The game you will solve puzzles and will try to avoid terrible enemies, that will follow you on sight, using patience while finding the best path for not being detected.

The visuals is a blend between the pixelated style from the classic 5th generation of consoles and modern technology effects, I wanted to test and bring the classic old feeling back to our projects but using moder shaders and fxs. This was a small project I developed in 2016 for mobile, this is an updated version for PC. Please, leave a feedback.

Thank you all for playing, please enjoy.


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It was really good, however there are some quite amateur issues/missed things - for example, there are no footsteps of the player whatsoever, which is very unusal and it makes it like we are just a ghost or something.

When I played this game, as part of my 3 random games series, I thought of this game as a really cool looking creepy type of zombie survival game. I honestly would've played more (resulting in longer video, lol) but I couldn't understand what to do in the sewers with that zombie and the trophy things.

LOL you need to gather 3 more goblets and put them in the hands of the statues to get the key for the locked door on the end of the way.

hey just wanted to leave my thoughts on the game ( sorry English is my secondary language so there will be some grammatical error here and there)

firstly,  i like that you guys decide to convert the project from Mobile to PC to expand your player base! the game has potential with the pc  gaming community.  the game-play feels smooth, didn't really experience any crashing/bugs  when closing/opening the game. there was an issue with the selection of the inverted settings, i'm sure someone has pointed it out already. the function appears to not be working. the 1 hit marker made it a little unappealing, maybe consider adding a deflect action sequence or maybe giving a health bar to go by. maybe increase the zombies speed as well as the characters, i think it might increase the difficulty a lil bit. overall i had fun playing the first part and im looking forward to the second part. keep up the amazing work guys! i made a small playthrough if you want to check out!


Hi, Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Welp, I gave it an accurate title!

Gave it a go...

The art style is really cool. Can't wait for chapter 2.

Reminds me of Lost in Vivo.

I really love this art style. Looking forward for more :) (Chapter 2)

That was a good scare, with some good activities too.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

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Looking forward to Part 2. :)