Standalone (PC) Download bellow!


AWSD - Walk

Shift - Run

Left Mouse  - Shoot

Space - Construct barrier 


This is a small prototype I always wanted to create,  got the opportunity on the jam to stop and create it. I also used the time to learn multiplayer using Photon Networking in Unity.

This was inspired on survival games such as Day Z, Fortnite and The Forest. Even though most of the features are missing.

This is a small world  battle prototype, up to 20 people can join at the time (Photon Free Version)

Goal is also to start early game play and networking tests.

Art style and story might change in case the game get back to development. I will work based on the tests ad feedback.

If people enjoy the game I plan on create a full version though time implementing new features every week.

Planed features:

-Environment interactions.

-Enemy AI

-Multiplayer interaction (voice, text, nickname, and on)

-Resources creatin


- More Characters

-Customizeable characters

-and ON

It was all created with free low poly packages on Unity Assetstore.



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Jam Prototype Survivor 01.01 PC Standalone 33 MB


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Lmfao that was so fun

holy shit dude this the best game ever, my friend and I were building barriers all over the place and you could say "the situation was SPIRALING out of control" nyehehe

(1 edit)

but I accidentally locked my friend up and he got angry ;( and now I'm a bit sad but it's okay  I'm gonna play tomorrow with him maybe he likes me again later